0 brightness VS power off - effect on the bulb life and power consumption

For a while, I have been setting brightness to 0 instead of switching the bulb off when controlling via my custom code. Is there anything wrong with that?

With brightness 0, the LEDs are all off, and the WiFi part of the bulb needs to be active anyway - from a bulb-life / power consumption perspective, is there any difference between setting brightness to 0 or switching the bulb off?

I notice that it may take some time to switch off the bulb with Device::SetPower message, up to 5-10 seconds.
Setting the brightness with Light:SetColor responses much faster.

so… is there any reason to use SetPower when the 0 brightness seems to have the same practical effect? From my perspective, the only difference is that the bulb can have certain state when switched off, including brightness value. This is not important though if you are controlling them through some other system.

I would recommend against setting the brightness to zero, because then if you use the official LIFX app, or another similar app the power button will not control the lights as you expect. For example if you’ve set the light to zero brightness the user wont be able to turn it on using the power button. It is important to work within user expectations and not do things they don’t expect.

However, if your application is only going to be used by you in your house and nobody else in your house uses another application to control the bulbs then you can pretty much do things however you like. :smiley:

Yes, that is exactly my case - my system actually updates the colours based on time schedule, thus any other apps would only work if I switch this control off.

To sum up - there is no ill effect I can be subjecting my bulbs to when they are constantly ON, with brightness 0?

Correct. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was power consumption, so I threw a bulb in our test equipment and gave it a shot. Its not exactly scientific, because I only tested a single bulb, but the results were the same.

SetPower = False, Brightness = 1

Brightness = 0, SetPower = True