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1m Z strip - cut 2m or 1m extension?


If I require a 1m run of Z strip - is it possible to use a power supply, controller and 1m extension strip to achieve this (with possibility to extend) with all functionality or would I need to cut down a 2m strip (not possible to extend)?


No difference between extension strip and the kit. You get 2 x 1m strips in a kit. So yeah buy the controller and 1m strip if that is all you need.


Thanks boxhead, also do you know if it’s possible to go from controller > 1m extension cable > 2 x 1m Z strips without issue? I will have the plug, controller in the celing and need to get down to underneath a floating vanity (2.4m ceiling) - about 2.2m from controller to first strip (therefore 2m controller cable + 1m extension).

It’s not clear if this will work given -



No idea sorry can’t help there.


Hi Solyxius, based on my testing it is possible to go controller -> 1m extension -> 2x 1m strips.

Only constant lengths of > 1.5m of extension may causes issues which we are looking to fix.


Great, thanks for the info @redding