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2.4G vs. 5G problem i had, merged network

My ISP has merged 2.4 & 5G. I knew my problems were wifi related. weird stuff going on. After contacting LIFX, I was given the name of another app to D/L. once installed, i ran it and BOOM, there was the answer. Merged Network. Both my 2.4 & 5G had same SSID’s & PW’s.
The lights will not funtion properly with the merged network. My ISP has however made it impossible for their clients to make those changes on their own. Customer service must be called and they will change the 2.4G SSID. This is supposed to be smart WiFi. Depending on your equipment, There’s nothing smart about it. To me it’s dumb. stupid, and who’s idea was this anyway. Dump Your merged networks. Move your equipment as far from the TV and other wireless devices. Most everything operates on 2.4G. seperated by a few points. 2.2, 2.5. The clash and cause issues. Overloading your 2.4 can also cause issues. printers, computers, phones and other devices. To sort your 2.4 & 5G with separate SSID’s, you have to call. Good Luck

Mine is running OK on a merged wifi. Interested in learning more about potential issues though.
Not sure why it would be a problem, the lifx bulbs can only “see” the 2.4ghz network so should just connect to that as normal?

Anything that can see both will connect to whichever is the stronger signal and things that only see 5g will connect to that

Not doubting you’re having issues, just curious.

hello, i used an app that lifx recommended, route this helps. after running it, it said the problem was merged network. all i did was call cable company and they split them up. problems went away with the lights. though now i have a different equipment and lose internet on 5G, hook up to an unknown network with my vpn and i just want to smash all their equipment. it’s like altice one, sucks, never worked right.

Well, many IoT devices have problems with “merged” networks. Never using ISP provided access points is a good practice

the F**king isp changed my equipment yet again. i’ve lost track of how many times they’ve changed my equipment. i’m back to square 1. have to separate them again. then i have to figure out why 3 different computers lose internet on my 5G network, then hook me up to a network not in my area! all my research says get my own equipment. i have a unique problem, there’s a splitter in the wall on a very short stem of cable. diagnostics from 3 computers say that’s the location of yet another issue…time to take them to court for a full refund since service began. 11/5/2018

That sucks… Verizon recently swapped out my G1100 router with separate 2.4 and 5.0 networks for a the new G3100 router which is a mesh router that automatically decides which network to add a device to. (because Verizon assumes their customers are too stupid to do their own set up) My mini’s survived but my A19 can’t connect and there’s nothing I can do about it. I won’t call Verizon because they suck. I’m just going to get my own router and go from there.

optimum is doing the same thing. i keep seeing more & more separated networks back in the available networks list. at one point, the 5G were gone. they suckered everyone with the “smart router” BS. my/their latest equipment came with the separated networks. saved me the long phone call to have them do it again. same pass for both. i did much reading, searched for problems with wireless networks…i had all the possible causes. doing what i can to improve the wireless network. so far, it’s helped. good luck!