3-Tile Kit Interactivity

Hello…quick question that I wanted to get answered before I invested into the product. I read through some of the API and am starting to understand how the interactions work on a singular level and it’s making sense. What’s not clear to me at this point yet is differences when you look at a single light vs. a 3-tile kit. Here is what I would like to know before I jump in to purchasing and getting my feet wet:

  1. Can a single light from a 3-tile kit be interacted with independently from the other 2? That is to say, if I want one of the tiles to display green and the other 2 to remain red based on an event, is it possible with the kit tiles or do you actually need to buy singular tiles?

  2. If you have two groups of tiles, can you both interact with each light independently, control each group of 3 as a group and then control all of them as a single master group?

Appreciate any helpful responses or a pointer in the right direction…tried to search a little and it wasn’t obvious to me what the answers were.



You can control the individual tiles, but only from LAN api and from the app. The HTTP api can only control a tile set as a single device. Also, each individual tile has 64 separate LEDs in them.

If you have multiple tile sets then you can only control each set separate to each other in the app (unless you’re setting them all to one colour). It is possible for a user to use the LAN api to control all the individual tiles across multiple sets as if they were all connected to each other.