8 New Lamps - None Will Connect

I bought 8 new lamps (Mini Whites and Mini Day & Dusk) last week. I can’t get any to connect.

My typical routine is to power them up, wait out the 15 minute HomeKit timeout and then begin onboarding. This has usually worked somewhat well (maybe 60% work first try, 35% on second and 5% on third - it s/b 100% on first try but that’s another issue). I’ve done close to 200 LIFX lamps this way.

This time after I’ve connected to it, LIFX app has found it and is ‘Preparing Device’, per instructions I’ve reconnected to Wifi, I continuously get the ‘Please Try Again Step 1 Step 2’ failure. Any ideas? Likely just a bad batch of LIFX lamps that need to be returned?


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I doubt all the bulbs are bad since you said you have different model bulbs. What WiFi system do you have? App version and phone?

I have had luck reinstalling the app. Sometimes just deleting and reinstalling clears out errors.

App is IOS 4.10.2
Network is Ubiquiti, 11 AP’s, 87 other LIFX on it.

I’ll try reinstalling the app. Given how IOS apps function and where this errors out in the process that shouldn’t make any difference but we’ll see.

(Interesting formatting on the first two lines. )

Deleted and re-installed the app. Same problem.


Lamps are connected to the network, have strong signal, have 100% up time, have IP addresses, get the same IP address each time they’re turned on (LIFX WLAN has 366 day lease time), are pingable.

From a network perspective they appear to be fully and properly connected and functioning. Yet the LIFX app cannot see them and could not complete setup.

Is there a way to manually input a new lamp w/ IP address in the LIFX app?

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FWIW, I tried the default Homekit onboarding process. Similar result. Process seemed to be going well/normal but eventually timed out w/ “An unexpected error occurred. Try Again.”. Similar to above though when I looked at it in net mgmt it’s connected, has an IP, is pingable, etc.

This appears to be a problem w/ the lamp firmware or hardware as both LIFX setup and Apple Homekit setup have similar failed result.

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Did you manage to solve this? I’m currently having the same issue :frowning:

Not solved yet. I’ve been tied down with other stuff and haven’t been able to spend any more time on it. I’m hoping to get back to it next week. I’ve installed a few hundred LIFX lamps and I’m far from an expert, but these appear to all be DOA.

Are you’re new or refurb? Please update this thread if you learn anything.