9 LIFX bulbs down after brief WiFi outage

Help the bulbs never went off they are still on but not able to be controlled with Alexa and encompass all of the lights in our apartment. We can not control them through the app either all say they are offline, all other smart devices are back up and have been for hours. What do I do to get them back online after a power or WiFi outage??

Are they all on, bright white? If so, they are all in broadcast mode (acting as a wifi source, as when you first set them up). Happened to me. You have to set each of them up again, as if they were new. Yes, tedious…

They actually finally reconnected last night after 2-3 days of nothing! So strange but so glad they finally are back to normal! Thanks for your help I will try that next time if it happens again!

Lindsay Roza
Vice President
On-Site IT Solutions, LLC