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A19 firmware update

The 2.80 update popped on my app a few days ago and I upgraded. Is this the final version or a beta?

Also, I noticed that my bulb now is noticeably less bright at 1% , which is great because I can finally use it as a night light. Is the same change coming to the Color Minis?

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Hello, yeap that’s the general release of 2.80.

And also, that brightness change will be present in 3.70 when that’s released for your minis.


That is really good to know. Is there any target release date for the 3.70 update? :slightly_smiling_face:

I have no specific timeline, but it’s very far along.

Im guessing that might be announced at the same time of the z strip firmware? Or seperate? Eagerly waiting as 2.8 has been great for my gen 3s

I imagine those two releases will be done independently of each other :slight_smile:

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I have a major issue after the update. I have a combination of Lifx A19s and Mini C bulbs installed in my room. Before the update to 2.80, there was consistency between all the bulbs.

After the update, the updated lights are showing a slightly different color. Eg. Yellow (before the update was 54 - after the update - 43).

This messes up my schedules which make the lights yellow at a specific time. Now my MINI c bulbs are yellow and the 2.80 bulbs are apple green.

Resetting the bulb does not solve it.

Is there a fix coming to this issue?

Seeing a similiar issue with v2.80 on A19 bulbs.
Setting the same color (some dimmed orange tone in this case) works fine on Original 1000.
But the A19 with v2.80 are now yellow using the same color setting. Pretty unexpected.

I also have the same problem with inconsistent colors between the A19 and my Color Minis.

Any update from Lifx regarding a fix?

Is this a bug? Or a fix of a bug?

IOW, were these not functioning correctly (color temp not linear or full color temp range not available) but we overcame that w/ programming? And so now they’ve fixed it to be correct (now linear or full range available or ??) so we effectively need to back out our override?

E.G., 2700 should have been 32 but because of the bug it was 24. We all put in 24 but now that it’s fixed we need to fix our programming to use the correct 32?