A19 led board pinout

I have an ancient in-ground hottub that i have fully controlled via SSR’s and a rasp pi and a web interface. So when my wife requested the standard incandescent white bulb be replaced with a RGB one with fun effects I decided it was project time.

Now this hot tub is much like a pool in that everything like the logic, pumps, heaters, filters ect are 20 feet away in the shed. Everything is controlled via air switches. I can run wire through conduit that connects the tub to the shed under the concrete slab. Lighting is done via a single low voltage bulb behind a removable lens in the side of the tub. There is no access to the rear side of this nich so to access the light you must drain the tub, remove the lens and pull the bulb and wiring out through the lens hole. I cant/wont use mains voltage near the tub so a low voltage solution was needed.

Okay, so I bought an A19 and immediately tore it down. I removed the led board and soldered longer leads onto the 13pins on it… then inserted the other end of the leads into the 13 pin IC on the still intact bulb base. Voilla, it worked like a charm so in theory at least we can do the following:

The main bulb base is screwed into a edison base in the shed. This means no mains near the water AND it is above ground and can connect to the Wifi.

So off I go… I use two 20 foot lengths of Cat5, some large SSR heat sinks for the led board and a breadboard to wire it all up. The led board and heatsink is mounted behind the tub lens and connected to the cat 5 pair through the conduit back to the shed. Cat 5 to the breadboard, breadboard to the 13 IC in the bulb… fire it up and all I get is a repeating blue flashing, and the bulb isn’t appearing on my network. Triple checked my wiring… no difference. I’ve tried resetting with the on off 5 times method, but it’s the same no matter what I try… now my questions:

  1. Does anyone know what the repeating blue flashing indicates (error code?)

  2. Does anyone have the actual pin out for the led board on the A19 so I can probe/test the pins individually to see where I’m at.


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I have no idea, but this sounds fascinating so I’m watching with curiousity to see how it all turns out. :popcorn:

Also no idea but we have a similar hot tub but with a fiberop light pipe so we can get to the light fairly easily.

Some pics to show the working testing I did… might help give a better idea of what I’m talking about


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This next pic i found on the internet. Apparently it’s of the led driver on the color 1000. It’s only ten pins but that’s pretty close. The markings are obvious except for pins 6 thru 9. “D”, “L”, “DL” and “T”

One of them is likely for the temp sensor that is mounted on the board…prob “T” if I had to guess… it’s progress I guess. But I still don’t know how closely this will match the order of the pins on the A19 and even if the order is the same it’s still missing 3 pins.

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Did you ever get this working? I’m curious to do some hacking with the LED board myself.