A19 Lifx+ no infrared eye

I purchased a Lifx+ A19 bulb from a local store and paired it successfully with my wifi and iOS Lifx app.

However there was no infrared ‘eye’ icon to control the infrared light visible in the app and there was no infrared brightness setting in the bulb settings page. The tube it came in is black and there is a (+) icon printed on the bulb housing but no matter how many times I reset it and re-pair it, it just shows up as a normal A19 colour bulb.

I took the light back to the store and exchanged it but the replacement is doing exactly the same thing.

Did the store get a bad batch or did the recent app update break something, or am I just not understanding something?

I have 40+ Lifx bulbs of various types (this is my first Lifx+) and all of the other bulbs were connected using the ‘set up device method’ in the wifi section of my phone. These two bulbs only showed up as wifi hotspots and had to be updated that way first before using the set up device method.

I’ve even tried using Home Assistant’s developer tools to send a command to turn on the bulb’s infrared LEDs. Nothing was visible using a camera sensitive to 950nm.

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When you go to set up the bulb, does its default name include “Pls” (e.g., BR30 Pls A32E12)? My one LIFX+ bulb has this naming convention, which makes it easy to find during pairing.

No it doesn’t.

Lifx are sending a replacement. If that works it means the store probably has a bad batch.

I thought I was the only person having this problem, I’ve searched everywhere and found nobody with the same problem!!

I bought my bulb from a Best Buy in CT about 4 days ago, I contacted LIFX a little over 3 days ago now and have not gotten a message back yet!

Did adding your devices require you to connect to the light’s hot-spot network to update the device before it could be configured?

I’m now wondering if it’s a problem with the app or that initial firmware update process.

I just got some BR30 Lifx+ lights that set up without issue. So it’s either the batch of A19 lights or a specific setup problem with the A19 Lifx+ setup.

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I just purchased a LIFX + BR30 from Best Buy and the same thing happened. I exchanged it, and the same thing is wrong with the second bulb.

I set it up with WiFi and the SSID was “LIFX+BR30(Serial)” then it updated and the Setup new drive section was named “LIFX A19 (Serial)”

I too don’t have the eye icon for infrared.

I have the moon icon shown on the lights page for some of my lights but of course they are regular A19. It’s quite humorous. Not really. Only the “out” ones are A19+


That’s the Day and Dusk icon.

ok that makes it easier to track down, thank you

Finally received a replacement from Lifx. It operates as expected, i.e. I now have a light with IR.

Must have been a bad batch.