About to return all my Lifx bulbs

I am getting very frustrated with all the Lifx bulbs that I have purchased. I’m not sure if they have a poor design issue, or if it’s a quality control issue, but after using them for around 25-30 minutes they get so hot (oven mitt hot) and begin to flash on/off.

I have already contacted customer service (Lifx has great customer service) and they already exchanged the bulbs once already. The new bulbs that I received have the same issues. Tech support told me I needed to replace my dimmers with standard on/off single pole switches. I wasn’t excited about having to do that, but I did. The new bulbs have the same issues as the original bulbs did…

To me this is a big investment, and I really like the features of the Lifx + bulbs, but if they’re this unreliable (and unsafe) then what are my options but to return them? I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in this product. I see another thread here is all about the bulbs being unreliable too. If anyone has any ideas on what might be causing the over heating issues please let me know. Otherwise I’ll be forced to return all of these bulbs. Thanks.

It’s really frustrating having all those issues with your bulbs when you’re really into the product and have taken the right steps to resolving your issues. And to be at the point where all you can do is return the bulbs; that’s pretty sad considering you’ve already sunk so much time into getting them working, talking with support, reading through the community boards, etc.

I’ve had that issue in only one configuration where the bulbs get so hot they’ll start flashing and can burn you. I experienced it when putting bulbs in candelabra base adapters in a ceiling fan with a remote that had a dimmer. Both the candelabra base tied in with the dimmer remote caused the issue. Thankfully, I was able to recover the bulbs, but it was my own usage that caused the problem in the first place as those same bulbs worked fine in other fixtures.

Putting the bulbs on a dimmer will cause problems because the lights require a certain amount of power and voltage to function properly. Reducing that or putting to much into the bulb would probably cause a lot of strain on the electronics (why you were seeing the overheating issue).

You already swapped out your wall switches so that means something very strange is going on. I know you want to have working lights so I’ve created a list of ideas that may help you down the path of finding out what’s really going on.

  • Do the same LIFX bulbs have issues in a different lampshade or on a different circuit?
  • Do other LEDs in the same light sockets have these issues as well?
  • Is your circuit 100V (like Japan) instead of 120V?
  • Are your wires crossed somewhere in a way that maybe they connect back to the exposed ground wire?
  • Are your light switches 3-way or 4-way where one of the many switches is causing a problem?

It’s easy to get discouraged reading that thread about the bulbs being unreliable. It’s not even the only one on here, and every online reviewer says the bulbs have to be power-cycled to get them connected again. I remember thinking good Wi-Fi would prevent me from having those connection issues, but even I had problems sometimes; especially when my light count went over 50.

The good news is that’s all old hat now. In the last few months after the 2.14 (3rd gen) and 1.22 (2nd gen) firmware updates, the comments in that thread have been about how those firmware updates fixed peoples’ connection issues. I’ve also experienced the same success after those firmware updates as well.

Yes, same issues no matter where I use them.

No. I’ve used several different brands, and none have given me any problems at all. Just the Lifx bulbs give me issues (especially the Lifx+ bulbs).

No, using 120 volt.


One location is 3-way, all others are single pole. The 3-way has new switches on both sides of the circuit.

Thanks for trying to help. I was really excited about buying all Lifx bulbs in the whole house, but now I’m more worried that they might cause a fire or damage the house in some other way. Very disappointed.

try this:
take one of your bulbs to a friends house.
plug it into a standard desk lamp
does it work fine?
if so, there is a problem with the wiring of your HOUSE.
to wit: i have a couple DOZEN lifx bulbs and have never once run into the problem you describe, and thousands of other satisfied LIFX customers will say the same thing.
don’t give up yet! keep investigating! stay curious! we may yet solve this! :smiley:

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I hear what you’re saying Dave but here is the bottom line. Lifx support has been top notch. Theses guys are great! They have sent out a (second) Lifx+ bulb to try out. New firmware seems to have fixed the issue with the other bulbs, however I have not tested them fully yet. I have had many different brands of LED bulbs installed in the same location and none of them have had any issues. Just the Lifx+ bulbs have had issues. Tried 3 different (non-dimming) light switches from Lutron and Legrand. Same issues with the Lifx+ bulbs, and always around 30 minutes from turning the bulb on. Most of the issues that I’ve had were with the Lifx+ bulbs. If this second bulb coming tomorrow doesn’t work then I’ll be returning everything, as I feel we have exhausted all means of a solution. I’m hoping it works.

I have just tested a regular Lifx bulb (non-night vision) in the same location, and it works fine. The night vision portion of the Lifx + must be generating a lot of extra heat. The odd part is that the night vision part of the bulb is set to off in the app, so you would think it would work the same as a regular Lifx bulb, but it doesn’t…

That is correct. When you turn the bulb off in the app, that activates infrared light mode.

I know you can cook with infrared light, so maybe that causes some heat? What we do know is the light runs when turned off in the app. This means heat produced may be because of the process required to create infrared light.

Well yes and no…

When the bulb is turned off the infrared light mode either comes on full brightness, half brightness, or not at all (off) depending on how the user has that feature set up in their app.

In my case I had it set to OFF, but it still got hot.