Access to firmware source code

Continuing the discussion from Lightsd: a daemon with a JSON-RPC API to control your bulbs:

You cannot get access to the firmware source code, and we are not going to be releasing it to any third parties.

I see (and just to make things clear I wasn’t implying that the code should be public, a NDA is what I had in mind).

Would it be possible to directly reach-out the firmware developers?

To clarify even under an NDA we aren’t going to be releasing the source code. The source code is available to LIFX employees only (so I guess that’s one way to get access ;-)).

Yup, the firmware developers view these forums, although they usually make me write the responses. You can also contact the engineering team at, but again I usually respond there too after talking to the firmware developers.

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Unfortunately, that would require moving to Australia! :grinning:

I loved how the Apple //e Reference Manual came with a source code listing for the ROM. I guess those days are long gone, though.

@lopter, my understanding is that LIFX runs the Contiki OS, which is open source, so if you wanted to read the source for things like the network stack, you could. That’s probably not the part you’re interested in, though!

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