Accessing set waveform states

Please can you allow access to set waveform states so we can develop an app including specific strobe rates?


You can already access them, it’s just undocumented; for example lightsd supports it and you can check out its source code.

The HTTP API also supports it through the effects endpoints.


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Thank you lopter… Is it possible to get accurate flash rates from 1hz to 25hz?

I’ve never measured how accurate the bulbs are, but I think it should be ok, the bulbs directly take the period and the number of cycles you want. 25Hz is a 40ms period, the bulbs should be fine with that.

Just try it, I think the strobe effect in the official mobile app lets you configure the period.

It gets interesting when you wanna synchronize the bulbs, I don’t think you will be able to do it without writing a different firmware.

Its actually been documented in a Pull Request by @ppelleti. We plan to officially document when I get a few moments free time.

We are really looking forward to the official documentation for that Daniel. Cheers! Also, we need to be able to create a timeline of these waveform sequenced events including strobes at varying speeds and colours from 40ms up to 1 hour?
Having created the timelines wth the various sequences we want the users to be able to play them back in the LAN App.
At this stage we are happy to be able to use one bulb only. Don’t worry about synchronization for now.

The timeline will have to be tracked in your application. I would suggest building a set of waveform messages and sending these at the time that you want them to apply.