Activating Colour Cycle from Alexa

Is there any update on the ability to activate Effects with Echo? I just got some LIFX lights and I’d really like to be able to activate the Color Cycle with my Echo, except I can’t figure out a way to do that if it’s even possible yet. I haven’t seen any articles or forums explaining it either.


The Alexa skill only supports firmware effects that run on the device. So Move for strip/beam and Morph/Flame for Tile/Candle.

So, “Alexa, set my device effect to morph”. And to turn off, “Alexa set my device effect to off”.

Color Cycle is achieved by continuously sending messages to the device and we do not support this from our Alexa skill.

Are there any plans to add that feature in the future?

There are no plans for that at the moment.