Add MQTT Support (LAN protocol still sucks)

It will be really helpful and awesome to add mqtt support to the lifx bulbs, this means every homeautomation platform can integrate back to the bulbs, I own 24 lifx bulbs + 20 sonoff devices, and use Homeassistant and lifx reliability is pathetic. MQTT will be real game changer for LIFX when compared to other rivals.

Guys please vote for this feature.



I like this idea and think it would simplify things, but where do you propose the MQTT broker would sit?

Would it be a LIFX cloud hosted MQTT broker (most likely solution but your back to a slow web interface), a LIFX home hub (RPI type broker, but you would need another device for local control) and I would also want the option to change the broker (i.e. point to my own, if ever LIFX shuts down).

Can the LIFX WiFi hardware do TLS?

Just some random question, but I do like the idea and it’s got my vote.

Broker choice is upto the user, what i am proposing is a mqtt client backed into each bulb.

The broker can be lifx cloud, personal hub, a local machine etc

Lifx can change the whole game by using mqtt as the preferred communication protocol.

@vishix Why exactly does LAN protocol suck and MQTT does not? Last time I checked Apple HomeKit or Google smart home platform do not support MQTT so your claim about home automation platforms in nonsense.


If MQTT was added I’d say that it should not replace the LAN Protocol. I use the lan protocol flawlessly and am able to get millisecond responses out of my 35 bulbs + 3 z Strips.

One of the biggest problems people typically have is their wifi infrastructure. If your wifi is the issue then you’d probably see delays with MQTT and possibly the same issues if your bulb doesn’t rejoin the network.

I previously had an Asus Wifi router which had issues when too many devices joined. I since switched to a Cisco 3602e access point to provide wifi and everything has been flawless since.

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It’s been five years since the last mention, and I’ve started to use MQTT as a way to report status. It would be nice if the bulbs were capable of sending out local MQTT messages.

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