Alexa - complains about not responding LifeX scene

I recently setup up to use LifeX with Alexa. I have a half dozen bulbs and a handful of scenes imported into Alexa from LifeX. Turning on bulbs works fine. With turning on scenes, they always come on but for certain scenes (always the same ones) Alexa claims it is “not responding” even though it worked correctly.

If it were a particular bulb I might think the wireless link is flaky, but all the scenes have all the bulbs so I can’t figure why this behavior is consistent and only for some of the scenes.

I have no information to offer in regards to a solution, but I just wanted to mention that I have the exact same issue. It seems to only happen with one of my scenes, though.

Does the scene with this problem contain a strip or beam?

Unfortunately it takes a long time to update a strip (especially if it has the max 80 zones) because of how many messages we have to send to change the whole device.

We have plans to improve this situation.

Yes, I believe the ones I was having problems with did involve my Z strips (2 of them). Though deleting the skill from Alexa and adding back in seemed to have solved the problem (at least for now).

I can also confirm that the scene that is giving me trouble contains settings for a Z strip. The strange thing is that I have other scenes that also use the same strip and have no such problem.
Glad to hear you guys are on it. Thanks

I imagine your other scenes aren’t setting as many different colours on your strip than the one that fails.

The problem we have is that the current protocol only lets us set one colour at a time. So let’s say you have a 80 zone strip and no two consecutive zones have the same colour, then that’s 80 messages we have to send. If you had a strip where half is green and half is red, then that’s only two messages.