Alexa, IFTTT stopped working

A few days ago, my bulbs stopped responding to three separate inputs, but still operate via the iOS app without issue. Wondering if there’s a common dependency in these three inputs that stopped working:

  • Amazon Echo. It’s been working for about a year, I’ve reset everything (Echo, bulbs, wifi) and it hasn’t resolved. Commands through Alexa via the LIFX skill don’t change the bulbs. Alexa responds quickly and completes the command quickly (e.g. “Alexa, turn on the lights.” “OK!”), but the bulbs do not change.

  • IFTTT. I have a long-running IFTTT recipe that adjusts the white balance of my bulbs for mornings and evenings. It stopped working. I have other IFTTT recipes that trigger certain scenes, they no longer work.

  • iOS Spotlight widget. The widget that comes with the official LIFX iOS app cannot make changes to the bulbs. It does, however, still accurately show the state of the bulbs (e.g. on/off), but making changes through the widget does not change the bulbs. This seems like a strong indicator of the problem/solution but I don’t know much about the bulbs APIs.

Are these three inputs using a common API that is having problems?

I don’t know if it is related, but they did change something on the backend. For a year my SmartThings drivers worked 100% and they stopped a few days ago. I had to make changes to my code to get everything working.

1 - I had to remove my sloppy trailing “,” at the end of my group lists.
2 - When setting colors I had to put a space between the hue and saturation settings instead of a “+”

That said, neither the “,” or “+” were part of the documented api, they just worked.

HI all 3 of these components use the same path and we had a small issue with the iOS widget last week but resolved that mid week in our staging environment. Would you be able to check if you have remote control of the bulbs to verify their connectivity to our cloud? you can do this by from a mobile device with the lifx app triggering a change with your wifi off and using mobile data or triggering it from another location.

Thanks Kevin

Hey Kevin,

I just confirmed that I’m able to control my bulbs through the iOS LIFX app, whether I’m connected via wifi (same network as bulbs) or via cellular. Similarly, the LIFX widget does not function on either connection.

Hey, I am going to go poke the app team about this widget and try and replicate the issue.

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Uodate: Everything started working overnight last night. I didn’t change anything.

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I’m having this issue, and it hasn’t been corrected. I’ve been talking to Amazon support but so far no good.

Everything works except scenes, which work correctly from the LIFX app, but not from Alexa or IFTTT.

Yep, still have this issue. I somewhat worked around it by setting up more complex IFTTT recipes that do what my scenes did, but scenes still don’t work via IFTTT.

In my case special characters, specifically a colon, : was causing an error. I got to a LIFX engineer who deployed a fix, you might want to try again, or try renaming your scene without special characters.

What generation bulbs are you on? I previously had some issues with Alexa activating scenes when using 2nd gen White 800 bulbs.

Second generation I believe, Color 1000.

Everything worked until around May 20, when all three things listed above stopped working at the same time. Since then, most functionality has come back, except activating scenes via IFTTT.

I would contact support directly on that issue, but it might be as simple as going into IFTTT, disconnecting your LIFX account, and reconnecting it.

I’ve done:

Reach out to LIFX support. Response:

Our cloud has been solid over the last 2 weeks. IFTTT was reporting some issues recently: Are you using Alexa through IFTTT, or direct to LIFX via the “LIFX Optimized for Smart Home” Skill? Alexa and IFTTT likely share AWS services, but we use a different platform for our cloud.

Reached out to IFTTT support. Response:

…No response.

Disconnected / reconnected LIFX + IFTTT multiple times.

Rebuilt IFTTT recipes multiple times.