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All (~50) bulbs newly unreachable

I’ve been using a large number of Lifx bulbs with Home Assistant for over a year. I was doing some maintenance yesterday, and today all of my bulbs became unreachable by Home Assistant. I installed lifx-photons-core on the HA machine (Ubuntu) as well as my Windows laptop, and I cannot find any devices. They do not appear to respond to pings from either machine as well. Many of the bulbs can still be controlled via the Android app, but my automations and hardware control are all currently running through HA, so I’d like to be able to restore access there. In the past I was able to access bulbs using LifxLAN, and that does not seem to find any from the HA machine either. I am using a Ubiquiti Amplifi Router HD, but I do not think the configuration there has changed recently. I can locate the devices in the Amplifi app to get their IPs.

possibly something is blocking broadcast packets?

Do you have any recommendations on how to check that? The firewall (ufw) on the Ubuntu machine isn’t running (since I use the hardware one.) I’m used to poking ports with telnet, but that doesn’t seem to work for udp.

I’m able to reach things after resetting the router. Slightly embarrassed I didn’t try that already. I guess that’s what I get for troubleshooting late at night.

heheh, well that makes debugging easy :slight_smile: