All my lights are disconnected from the Cloud after the update

Hello guys,
I’ve updated my lights (Mini DD) to the newest fw a few days ago and only today I noticed they appear as disconnected from the cloud. I tried to follow the troubleshooting guide on LIFX support website and another couple o things to try to fix the issue but noting has worked so far:

  • Power cycle the Bulbs (1min wait).
  • Remove from cloud through the App and added again.
  • Reset the light.

I’ve noticed that also my Strips appear as disconnected now so probably isn’t an issue brought by the update but I swear I did not change anything on my network setup, nothing at all.
What shall I check next?

Many thanks to everyone willing to help!

Looks like they run an update on the Cloud to support Android 10 devices (on 23rd Sep 2019) and since then everything is running smootly again.