AllJoyn for Original / Color 650

Is there a public timeline for alljoyn support for Original or color 650 bulbs?
As a followup - when would these be available in AU?

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There is no timeline for Alljoyn support for the Original or Color 650 bulbs.

Both of those bulbs you mentioned are available in Australia right now. If you mean the White 800 the team are working on this right now and we will have more information shortly. You can register your email to be one of the first people told when it becomes available.

Hi Daniel.
From what was announced at //build, my understanding was the white800 was already alljoyn enabled?

Or is it just not available in AU at the moment?


The White 800 is Alljoyn enabled, but sadly not available in Australia yet…

Is this planned at all, or are there hardware limitations that make this unlikely/infeasible? It would be very nice to see feature-parity across the range, especially so that early-adopters/backers don’t feel left out in the cold.

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