AllJoyn support on my Lifx

I want to test lifx with my Alljoyn event and action application. But problem is that I can not determine whether my lifx bulb is Alljoyn compatible or not. I have tried to search with alljoyn application which list alljoyn enabled devices be listening for announce request. But those application does not list my lifx bulb!

I can fins this model number on my lifx bulb : bul-11-a21e26-w
Except that I don’t have anything like casing of lifx so that I can find out which model it is.


Hi Pratik,

This bulb is also known as the LIFX Original. It does not have support for Alljoyn.

The bulbs that currently support Alljoyn are:

  • Color 1000
  • White 800
  • Color 1000 BR30
  • White 900 BR30

Thanks Daniel for information

Can all the features of the new color 1000 bulbs be handled with Alljoyn? Or are their some custom features which only the LIFX API does?

There are features provided by the application like scenes and scheduling that depend on some cloud component that can’t be done with basic Alljoyn. If you wanted to be able to control the bulbs from outside your home, or in the cloud you would need an AllJoyn Gateway Agent.

Hi Daniel,
Now what are the Lifx models support AllJoyn?
Thank you,