Allowing others to control lights

Okay, surely this has been asked a bajillion times and I’m simply just not finding the answer either here or web search, so I apologize in advance for what must be a redundant question.

How in the world do I go about inviting or allowing others to access some or all of my LifX bulbs? My family needs to be able to use them without always physically using a switch to turn them on/off—which defeats the entire purpose of a $60 bulb!

I’ve searched through all the menus on the iOS app (which could really use some work, IMO) and can not find any place where I can allow others users. Surely I don’t have to give full access of my account to my kids, do I?

Thank you in advance. And in the likelihood that I have overlooked something blatantly obvious, I again offer my apologies.



Really??? Nothing??? Is there any place to get responses? I tried to contact LifX several days ago, too, and received no reply.

Hey there @HoosierHunter - While you can’t “share” the lights in the way you are describing, any of your family members can use the lights by simply downloading the app, creating their own account and joining the wi-fi network that your lights are on. Once they have done this they will be able to control the lights in your home. The only features they won’t be able to use are those that are associated to your cloud account which include schedules and day & dusk. Hopefully this can resolve your concerns.

Kind Regards,

Thank you, Aaron!

That’s exactly what I need. I had assumed that the lights were tied to my account since I added them.

Thanks for the response!