Amazon Echo Integration Barely Works

Suggestions from me would be something like.

Front Door
Laundry Room
Man Cave
Piano Light
Night Light
Computer Room

Also can you command Lifx to cycle colors with Echo?

With the new connected home integration we can actually send Echo a list of all the groups in your account, so it should work with any names you like. I would just avoid similar sounding names.

You will not be able to start effect using Amazon Echo. I’ll note this as a feature request.

It would be awesome if you could add this feature. I really like it. I like both the main color cycle and the pastel color cycles.

And when / how do I add groups to my account other then in the app. As I tried some as others did and they didn’t work. Will I need to do a firmware update?

Another thing that would be nice is if I didn’t have to say Lifx in the command to tell Amazon Echo to operate the lights. it would be much nicer to just say Alexa, Turn on Living room lights. Ect.

With the new connected home integration that we are working on this is exactly how it will work. :smiley:

We are still working to with Amazon to get this turned on, stay tuned to this thread for more updates.

Good news everyone! Amazon has approved our Connected Home integration!

So now you will be able to control the power of your lights and the brightness of your lights without saying ‘Tell LIFX’ before each command. We recommend that you have both the skill and the connected home integration enabled so that you are still able to change the color of the bulbs.

If you wish to use groups with the connected home integration you will need to recreate them in the Alexa application.

So how do you get started? The LIFX Connected home integration is still being pushed out to the LIFX and the Alexa apps, so it may not be visible yet. However you can enable it now by following these instructions:

  1. Visit this link
  2. Sign into your Amazon and LIFX account if prompted
  3. Approve the Alexa app to connect your LIFX and Amazon accounts
  4. In the Alexa app go to Settings->Connected Home->Discover Devices
  5. Alexa should find your LIFX bulbs.

Here are a few phrases that you can now use, italics are your device or group names:

  1. “Alexa, Turn on Bedroom light”
  2. “Alexa, Set Study to 50% brightness”
  3. “Alexa, Increase brightness of Lamp by 10%”

If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear it.

Hi Everyone,

Here is a full list of commands that should work with the Connected Home Integration.

Turning on/off

  • “turn X on”
  • “turn on X”

Setting brightness

  • “set X to 50% brightness”
  • “dim X” - lowers brightness by 25%
  • “brighten X” - increases brightness by 25%
  • “increase brightness of X by N%”
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Works perfectly. Great work guys.

Works awesome! However I still have to say Tell Lifx to change color. And I would also still love to see that color cycle feature in the commands. Thanks for all your awesome work.

Any News on the ability to change colors without having to say Lifx? Also are you considering my request to add the feature in the voice commends to have the lights auto change color? Thank you for all your efforts. Not trying to be a pest. Just trying to get an update. On the main page it says you can just say Alexa, Change color to X but that does not work. I always have to say Alexa, Tell Lifx do change color on X to X

Changing colors without saying LIFX is currently not possible as the Echo Connected Home service built by Amazon does not support it. It requires a change on Amazon’s end, so you might want to forward your feedback to them.

I’ll get the page updated to be less confusing.

Thank you again for all your efforts and reply’s. I understand that you can only do so much with what you have. Being able to just turn on the lights by saying Alexa, Turn on X light is fantastic.

Seems like people have this working. It isn’t working at all for us.

I have gone into Alexa and the first weird thing. I go into Settings > Connected Home > Devices > Discover Devices.

Alexa searches for them and according to the app it finds the 2 bulbs I have in a group called Foyer, but our Echo verbally says it cant find any connected devices.

When I try a simple command like Alexa, turn on my lights or Alexa, turn off my lights. I get a error that command is not in my profile. Have also said Alexa, tell LIFX to turn of my lights. Alexa tell LIFX to turn of my foyer lights. Nothing works.

So you’ve linked your Amazon and your LIFX account using the link in our app, then done a scan in the Alexa app which has found your device?

You should be able to say ‘Alexa, Turn off Foyer’ and it should work. If not please contact LIFX Support at

Finally got it to work.
First updated firmware. I don’t know if this helped.
After updating firmware told Alexa to find connected devices. Alexa reports nothing found, but they show up in the app.
Still didn’t work.
Noticed in Alexa app groups. So I created one and added the 2 bulbs into a Foyer group in Alexa.
Then it worked.

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It’s been working well for us for awhile, to the point that we ordered the Amazon Dot so we can voice control our lights in our basement. :slight_smile:

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