Android app intents for integration

Doing all lights on/off can be done as a broadcast or as a series of unicast messages to each of the lights.

The Google Assistant integration is cloud to cloud, so there will be some latency in Australia, compared to LAN traffic.

Thanks Mark, helpful info. Looks like I’ve got a lot of low level reading to do, or else just give up and use the API and hope you guys introduce Intents sometime soon. Thanks for you help.

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If you are using the HTTP API, you might not know about fast mode. In fast mode we do less checking about the current state of the device so transitions will be more jarring, but things will happen faster.

We don’t use this for the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, those are fast mainly because we get so many requests we can keep the TCP and SSL sessions open to our servers instead of making a new one for every request. However fast mode might help you make up the difference.

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Ahh, that’s very helpful!! Thanks @daniel_hall! And nice docs too, it really helps explain why it’s so slow and how to fix it :slight_smile: I wasn’t aware of the back and forth, been a long time since I looked at the API (I was an original supporter on your kickstarter campaign)

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Any updates to intents please anyone? This is for controlling the lights from Macrodroid.