Android warning when adding a light is out of date

Long ago, in days of old, when Android was but an Ice Cream Sandwich, a feature was introduced which allowed you to “Avoid Poor Networks”. When the feature was introduced there was much rejoicing as Android would automatically kick you off that dodgy network with no internet connectivity and back onto a stronger network. However, those whose onboarding process involved creating a temporary Wifi network were much maligned, because they had to tell users to disable this functionality while they were setting up their fancy new hardware.

Time passed.

At some point around Android 5 or 6, “Avoid Poor Networks” was sidelined by a much more useful per-network notification informing you if your network “has no Internet access”. There was much rejoicing once again because users could still avoid bad networks, but also set up their fancy hardware much more easily.

The LIFX App still pops up a big old warning on connection though, even though I haven’t had a phone with the option to disable “Avoid Poor Networks” for about 4 years…

tl;dr - the Network Problem warning does more harm than good. Perhaps it’s time to get rid of it?

I’ve just set up 4 new lights by hitting “Continue” because I know there’s nothing in Settings to change.

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Hi @jymbob,

What phone and Android version are you using?

@markh That’s on my Moto Z Play, running Oreo (8.0.0), but I believe this is true for pretty much any Android device post Lollipop (5). Certainly it was true on my previous phone (Moto X 2014), and I haven’t seen the setting on any Android device I’ve used for the last few years.

@jymbob yea that warning message should only be shown on the older devices that have that setting. We are currently working on improving the onboarding process, so we’ll make sure this gets fixed up in the next release.

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Same for me, running Android 9 on a Pixel 3. It seems to be preventing me from adding new lights, because after I hit continue it just searches for the new light indefinitely.

Any update on this, 9 months later? Still can’t add new lights…

Hi @Tommaso,

It sounds like what you’re describing with lights not being discovered is different from the issue covered in this thread. There is a troubleshooting form here for onboarding which might help resolve the issues you’re seeing.

If it doesn’t help, it will create a support ticket at the end of the flow. If you DM me your ticket # i’ll review it further and help to get this fixed up for you.

It’s possible @Tommaso has another issue, but the fact remains that the Android help box isn’t helpful, and is actively detrimental to the on-boarding process. It hasn’t changed at all since my original post, it just appears in a different place.

Steps to reproduce (Moto Z Play):

  1. Open LIFX app
  2. Hit “+”
  3. Hit “Connect Light”

Expected result:
Start searching for a light

Actual result:
Notification appears:
Network Problem
It appears that your phone has “Avoid Poor Networks” or “Auto Network Switch” enabled. Unfortunately these settings can prevent LIFX from communicating with your Lights. Please Disable these settings to continue.

NB: There’s no setting on most Android phones to change whatever it is the app thinks is happening, which leads less tech-savvy users to keep hunting through the settings until they give up. Also (for me) hitting continue works fine, finds a light and allows me to configure it.

NNB: Some interesting use of capital letters in that notification too.

I’d be happy to do some testing and give feedback if you need more information.

Hi @jymbob,

Thanks for the feedback. Our intention was that this dialog should only be shown on old phones that supported this “feature”. As the minimum Android version we support has increased over time, it might not be relevant at all. We will review and decide whether to remove it or not. If we decide we need to keep it, we’ll contact you to investigate why it is showing up erroneously on your device.

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Thanks Mark. After hitting “Continue” past that screen and running the setup instructions you sent, the installation hangs on “Preparing Light” for a full 5 minutes, before ending with a “Please Try Again” screen asking to contact support.

Now, I had the v1 LIFX for years and it worked fine. Recently I purchased a Mini and it won’t connect. Is there a different thread I should be posting in for what is happening beyond the outdated “Poor Network” dialog? I had been thinking the two issues we’re related somehow, but from yours and others posts you seem certain that the warning doesn’t affect installation. Thanks,

Hi @Tommaso,

There are a host of reasons why a light might not join a Wi-Fi network. If you use this link to create a support ticket and then DM me the ticket number I can follow up with you through our support channel :