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Announcement: LAN API for Haskell

Due to an excess of free time (thanks, Covid), frustration with the flakiness of the official android app, and a deep-rooted distaste for Python, I appear to have ended up writing a Haskell library for interacting with LIFX bulbs: lifx-lan: LIFX LAN API.

Documentation is a little sparse. It should be easy to understand for anyone with any familiarity with Haskell, but I appreciate that’s a minority. I’m happy to help if anyone’s curious but can’t get it working.

One thing I’ve used it for is to build a GUI for controlling the colour and power level of all bulbs on my LAN: GitHub - georgefst/lifx-manager: Control LIFX bulbs over LAN. Cross-platform GUI using the Haskell "gloss" library. (NB. this is currently very user-unfriendly - it’s been optimised for me as a sole power user, rather than being intuitive).