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Announcing Tile accelerometer data


It is my pleasure to announce we have released documentation for the accelerometer data on the LIFX Tile.

Using this data you can determine which way the tile is rotated and modify SetState64 messages to take this into account.

Essentially each Tile item in a StateDeviceChain message has accel_meas_x, accel_meas_y and accel_meas_z as the first three fields (each is a signed 16-bit integer). These fields represent acceleration in the X, Y and Z axis respectively (the Z axis protrudes from the front of the device). As the LIFX Tile is not usually in motion, these forces usually represent the pull of gravity on the Tile.

Example code for working with this data can be found in the photons project at

We have also updated the public documentation at to mention these fields.

Please feel free to ask any questions!


Announcing the Tile Protocol