Any suggestions for Recessed housings for the BR30?

Hey Everyone,

I’m building a new house and we are starting the electrical very soon. I want to use Lifx BR30’s in my recessed housings, but have concerns since everyone is bringing up heat and airflow.

We have a 12/12 pitch cathedral ceiling in the largest room of the house, which will be spray foamed and the cans will sit right in there. If we have 5" or 6" diameter recessed housings, will that allow enough airflow to cool the bulbs? Are there any particular IC recessed housing units you suggest or know to be compatible with your products?

I too am interested in this as I’m remodeling and trying to find the best housing to use. I was leaning toward a 5" housing since I’m not a fan of seeing a bulb that is too small for the opening. Did you find a good one to use?