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API Docs: Missing units on some payloads


Some of the payload docs are missing information about their units. I can make a good guess at their value, but it would be best if it were included.

For instance, in StateGroup, it lists a type as “byte array, size: 16”. I would assume this means 16 bytes, but it also seems reasonable to assume 16 bits, since other units are given explicitly in bits. Just below it, EchoRequest gives its units as “byte array, size: 64 bytes”. At the top, Service just gives the value of UDP, but doesn’t list any units at all.


Ah, yes, those are all edits I made when I added the Group/Location messages. I’ll get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

Service doesn’t have units, it is an enum with UDP having a value of 1 and everything else is undefined for the purposes of the public documentation.


Ah, yes that makes sense. Below where Service is referenced it does give it a type (e.g., 8-bit int). Thank you.