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API for LIFX Themes?


Is there a way to programmatically get the list of LIFX themes so we can use them in our applications?



Themes are only in the app.

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Hello boxhead. Did you suggest that I read the f* manual, then point me to a link that had nothing to do with my question?

Aww a bit delicate are we.

You asked if there was a way to access a list of themes via an API. I answered it so yes it did relate to your question.

There are 2 API’s, LAN and HTTP. The only thing that comes close to a theme is a scene, in the LIFX app there are themes but this is an external app that and not part of this forum.

So yes my answer was accurate you did not clarify yourself properly. If you meant the themes in the LIFX app then as they are in the app and other than having some extra ability in the background to do more things the app uses the same API’s we do.

A good question would be “Are the themes available in the LIFX apps accessible in some way via an API”.

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You were being very rude. I would appreciate it if you would not answer any of my questions going forward.

Okay everybody can we all take a moment to breathe and approach things with civility.

To answer your original question. At the moment there is no way to access themes from the LIFX App in your own application. We are exploring ways in which we could allow others to access them, so there may be an announcement in the future, however for now and the near future we have nothing to announce.

However I would take this as an opportunity, this gives you license to be completely creative and invent your own themes for your users.

box = butt… I thought your question was pretty straight forward…

Having the ability to control LIFX developed themes would be great. Having the ability to create our own would be awesome. Running a theme from the phone is fine, but being able to automate them would take full advantage of what a LIFX bulb can do.

Now if you really want to go crazy, give every app user the ability to create and trade themes…

BTW, we love the Exciting theme. We run it with all our uplighting and lamps and set the downlighting to white. 30 lights in and around the house set at about 40% brightness. VERY dramatic when someone hits the Exciting theme button again and all the lights inside and out swap colors. Being able to automate that based on something would be ever more interesting.



That Rob is an excellent response. Great idea.

And nearly a year later there is no mention of being able to do this. LIFX needs a hub so that we don’t need to wait on everything.

Anything in the works yet?

I’ve created a GitHub repo that provides color information of the current themes in the LIFX App in Markdown and JSON:

So you could use that info and the current API to do it yourself. :slight_smile:

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That is pretty awesome work. thanks.

STILL looking for something like this. I really don’t want to have to go to the cloud to animate my lights.

Photons Interactor has theme support. You can capture, change, delete and apply themes and they’re all stored locally.

I’ve read about Interactor. It’s sounds very cool, but I don’t want to add a Linux box just to do this.

Runs great on a Raspberry Pi. Just saying’ :wink:

I really need to make the time to investigate Photons more. At the time I built my tiny LifxLAN based webserver it looked like the more complex choice, but it seems to be popping up as the solution to everything :grin:

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Yeah, I’ve improved the code a lot since I open sourced what I could in March 2018 :slight_smile:

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