Api for token generation

Is there (or planned to be) an api for generating token? From what I understand there must be a browser involvement in the procedure to create a token. I was thinking of automating that for my users (having them provide their account credentials and the application will do all the rest)


We do have oauth authentication and you can get tokens to get access to that by logging a support ticket.

We need the following information for any OAUTH request.

Your application name, and the name of the company that owns it. If you are building it as a personal project we can use your legal name here instead.

Your logo. We prefer SVG or EPS format, but otherwise we will need a 425x425 PNG file.

A Redirect URL. The URL we should redirect to once the OAuth flow is complete.

Your Homepage URL. The URL of your homepage,

Description. Describe what your application does, and why it needs access to a users LIFX account.


I think there was a misunderstanding…
What I need is an API for getting the token without submitting the
credential on your web page.



Unfortunately the only way to avoid having your users provide credentials when they activate your application is for them to have previously authenticated with us and generated a token at https://cloud.lifx.com/settings

OAuth is our only alternative to this approach and we currently don’t have plans to change that.

And with OAuth, the flow requires the user visits a page controlled by us to authenticate themselves.
(The alternative would mean you would have direct access to user’s credentials, which is a serious security issue!)

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How do i get the oauth token when i logged in the application Everytime. Is there is any api for getting Oauth token ? , Is there is anyway to get the token when I logged in