'api.lifx.com' doesn't match 'alexav3.lifx.com'

I have a chatbot that uses the HTTP API to control the lights. Today, with no change on its end, the chatbot started returning the following error:

hostname 'api.lifx.com' doesn't match 'alexav3.lifx.com'

Does anybody know what that is about? I could change the code to send requests to alexav3.lifx.com instead of api.lifx.com, but I’d rather not do that if it’s just a transient issue. Thanks!

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Hi that was my derp. Super sorry about that it. it was a bad push of config and should have only been out for a few minutes. Are you still seeing this issue?

I am. I restarted the chatbot just to make sure it wasn’t something lingering on this end, and I’m still getting the error.

Can you ping api.lifx.com and tell me what ip you see? also does your chat bot support Server Name Indicators?

It looks like i didn’t rollback a change to the wildcard certificate we use as the default. I just pushed that now. Could you test again?

  1. I see the IP address as

  2. The chatbot uses the Python library pifx to make the HTTP API calls, which in turn uses the requests library to send the requests. From the requests FAQ, it seems that the likely problem is that the version of Python on the chatbot’s server (a DigitalOcean droplet) is too old to natively support SNI. I’ll upgrade Python and get back to you.

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I tested the wildcard cert change first, and it worked! I didn’t need to upgrade Python at all. Thanks!

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I would still recommend upgrading python. I’m told that the newer versions are much much shinier :slight_smile:

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I agree, and I switched the chatbot over to Python 3 just now. Rejoice!

Thanks again for the quick fix!