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App 4.1 has been released. Updates to Effects and more

App 4.1 has now been rolled out, the first of many updates to the recently re-designed App.

Most notably, and after much user feedback, we have made a change so that multiple individual lights can be set as an effect target. In addition to this we have focused on fixes for reported bugs that caused the App not to work as expected.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to tell us about your experience on the new app. Our team is constantly working to provide new and better experiences for different user types and your feedback helps us do this.


Have you fixed the Apple Watch syncing problem… it takes so long sometime when I press the light button on my Apple Watch to turn my light on … and sometime it does nothing … seems there’s a communication issues between the Apple Watch LIFX to the iPhone LIFX apps…

Could you try with 4.1? There are some fixes for the Watch App included.

I checked with the 4.1 version and yes it’s considerably better… a small delay but not bad. Hopefully next version a little more responsive :grin::grin:

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