App developer required

I am currently building a prototype chandelier based on a trunkated isohedron that will utilise 31 LIFX bulbs. It is going to be a high end installation for private clients, hotels, restaurants and bars where there might be multiple fixtures.

I want to take the current app and develop one specially tailored to this product. This means an easy method of hooking up to wifi, ID’ing, locating and grouping each bulb. Maybe even testing if the wifi signal is good enough to start with?

There are multiple groups that are required so different lighting effects can be used with ease, these and other preset effects will need to be developed.

I am looking for a developer who I can work with to agree a brief to work to and then to complete the work agreed in the brief. I have been in touch with LiFx who reckoned this would be the best place to start. This is the first app I have considered so am a newbie to this stuff, please be patient.