Are my lights defective?

Alright so here is the deal. For the most part I can use The Amazon Echo to control my lights. Anyway I have the LIFX 1000 color A19 bulbs. Been using them as low light night lights set on blue. However sometimes I set them to white and set them to 100% Every time I do this and I mean every time the lights lose connection. I go over and check on the lights and notice that they get hot. I am not using them in enclosed light fixtures so they can get nice air flow. After the Amazon Echo commands fail to control the lights I go to my tablet. My Tablet also can’t see them. So I go over and manually turn them off and let them cool down. After they have cooled off I turn them back on and give the Amazon echo commands and they work again. I change them to blue and set them to 50% and at this setting I have never had any problems. It’s only when I set them to white and to 100% they stop working.

I’m sorry to report that I am going to return my lights. I think one day you guys will have a great product. But problems with both lights I ordered has made me lose trust in LIFX. The market does not have a lot of options right now. But I’m going with a different brand. I wish you guys success with your products. And I hope they improve over time.

Hey @OperationDx,

Sorry for the poor experience. I hope you do give us another chance.

I have a version 1.9 firmware which is currently in testing which resolves some connectivity issues. Do you have a support case open so I can send you the latest updater?

I have about 12 LIFX bulbs and never had any trouble. What sort of issues are you having? It could easily be a WiFi-related issue and usually is.

Hmm looks like my last reply didn’t make it through. The Wi-Fi is solid All my other devices work and have worked perfectly without issue on my current system. I even make a special exception for the lights and moved my modem into the room where the lights where to increase the signal. The main problem is Every time I set the lights to white and 100% they would get hot and lose connection. I would have to go over and manually turn off the lights and let them cool down. Then I would turn them back on and they would connect. Changed them back to the normal settings I would use them for which was low night lights. I would set them to blue and to 50% and in the morning I would turn them off. In a low light situation they always worked. But when I used them as normal white lights at 100% without fail they would lose connection. I’m gonna try out he hue system.

One thing you’ll find with hue is that they can’t replicate greens and blues very well. I’ve found that the LIFX bulbs really have the best color replication and are the brightest. Philips hue are 600 lumens versus LIFX 1000 lumens. Just something to keep in mind. So if you set the brightness of the LIFX to about 65%, that’s what you can expect from the hue.

I would look into the airflow of the LIFX bulbs. I think they are designed to be used upright. I’ve found that if I put them in downlight cans, they definitely get hotter so I should probably use regular downlight. Also, make sure that you don’t have them on a dimmer switch. That can wreck the bulbs quick since they require constant current and not stepped like a dimmer switch produces.

Mine too Loved it but after the update my Alexa Echo cannot find it…tried everything. dealing with two CSRs…what a hassle.

Kinda addressing both comments here. The new Hue set is 800 lumens and I will take a solid connection over color accuracy any day of the week. The 199.99 price tag sucks but really don’t have to many option with the Amazon Echo. I so wanted the LIFX lights to work for me. My personal opinion is they get to hot and over heat the internal electronics causing the Wi-Fi to lose signal. My lights where in a open air environment to keep them as cool as possible. In the end I returned them to Amazon. Was actually going to buy a bunch more. But It must work in the basic areas. On and off at 100% If I’m gonna pay for a $60 light it better damn work. I just picked up a box of basic LED lights 12 of them for $20. So what is so special about Wi-Fi hardware to make it cost $40 more for a single light? Heck I could get a WEMO plug and setup a bunch of lights on it for much less. The catch is I love the color. I will pay the extra for the color. As for the second comment. Yep that sucks. When I first setup LIFX it took me hours to figure it out. And I’m a tech guy. Most things are as simple as finding your signal then putting in the password and your done. My system had a hell of a time finding the LIFX lights sitting right next to the router. So at first I thought that the bridge for the hue system would be bad. But now I’m thinking it’s essential.

Edit. One last thing. My WEMO Switch works perfectly and has never failed to respond yet. The reset function is so freaking easy. I had no idea you have to turn LIFX on and off rapidly 5 times to reset them. This should be in a basic setup guide for sure. I had to google that info.