Are the older models worth buying? (answer needed soon!)

I’m thinking of adding another Lifx bulb, and there’s a gunmetal grey A60 going on eBay for a good price, in the fitting I want (B22). Which generation is this, and are the bulbs from then working OK now? When I first bought Lifx bulbs near the start, they were working so poorly I had to put them aside for a year or so. They’ve improved a lot with firmware updates, but they still drop the connection regularly, which my Day & Dusk bulbs almost never do. I could live with restarting the bulb now and then, it’ll be easily accessible, but I wanted to check if there’s any other reason I should be cautious.

The auction ends in five hours, so I need an answer soon! No one else has bid yet, and the price is good.

What router do you have? With regards to Lifx bulb dropping off line.