ASUS Router AC5300, -FIX- stuck on preparing light

I had been extremely frustrated for over a week trying to get my A19 bulbs to complete setup. after about 15 attempts somehow i was able to get one light to complete, but the other two would not. i tried everything the troubleshooting site suggested including using the latest beta app. no luck

With ZERO support in sight from LIFX after sending 2 support tickets for my $59 each lights and no response, i tried to narrow down the issue myself. i took my bulbs to a neighbors house to test setup there on his phone. immediately completed setup. i reset the bulb, retried on my phone. and boom, it completed setup on his wifi. i determined it must be my router.

That helped me narrow my google search for help on the issue. and I found there are some older 2016 posts about this issue in this forum which resolved my issue immediately.

I am reposting this now ASKING LIFX DEVELOPERS AND SUPPORT to update their website’s troubleshooting section to list this simple fix so other customers can fix this quickly and hopefully avoid the weeks long frustration and potential product returns which i was just about to do. How i stuck it out this long i dont know but glad its working now.

The FIX - login to your Asus router (im guessing any model should work). Go to the advanced wireless settings > Professional tab > scroll down to “airtime fairness”. > Disable, and apply. I reset the light and immediately the bulbs completed their setup process and are working.

Good luck!

It’s already there:

It’s also Step 2 on the Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide: Express Support - Connectivity v2

Thank you for your quick reply. its most appreciated.

If i follow your support link below, yes it takes me to the automated typeform support page that will give me the asus information page. however, i tried this again to test it because i searched all over the lifx support for this important info for over a week and it was not readily available in the support links i was trying.

I’ve been doing some clicking around on your site and have found the reason. the section that has the link you are showing is under Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide from express support. however the title of that category tab from the primary support screen says “Connectivity support - troubleshooting if your connected in the app but the lights drop out.” i never clicked on this tab because that subject did not describe my situation because I wasnt connected in the app so lights werent dropping out. From this same express support page if i go to step by step walkthrough once again it does not provide this Asus router support tips.

I am just taking time here to hopefully help others and i am glad to see LIFX has made efforts to help users with this issue. At this point its very easy to miss this Asus tip page because the support section it’s under is not really the correct header. I would make a suggestion to include the typeform support app that has this asus tip also part of the primary step by step guide for all to see, or add a typeform question page that asks if you own one of these listed router brands, yes/no, if yes, show the router tip. if not continue as usual.

trust me… im computer savvy and i could not find this help on your website with a lot of clicking around on support links. i also didnt know that the “Developer Zone” was really support forums or questions. I would have gone here much sooner than i did had i known.

bottom line my lights are working as expected now. Thanks

BTW, I don’t work for LIFX, I just hang out here a lot. This is not a source of official support, either just a bunch of us users helping each other out with a few awesome LIFX people thrown in as well.

If you’re a Reddit user the LIFX sub-reddit is also a great place for community support.

great to know. thanks.