Attention Flic button pushers!

Do you have a Flic Hub and wish you could do more than just basic stuff like toggle bulbs on and off or change their colour?

If you do, and you’re comfortable with phrases like PUT requests and JSON payloads (or are keen to learn) then read on!

I wrote a blog post that shows how (almost) anything is possible if you use Photons Interactor:

If the blog post doesn’t make any sense, but you’re still interested, post here with how far you got and I’ll try and help you get further.

If you’re having a problem and need help it would be great if you let me know whether you had a particular action in mind, i.e. "How do I make my button animate the words Djelibeybi is a Genius across all the Tiles in my house? "

And yes, that particular action is possible.


Flic + Lifx is a ginormous win (and for 10x the cost so is lifx + brilliant)

Will be nice to be off the cloud thanks for this

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You’re welcome. Let me know if you have any issues/questions.

So I am guessing, but will ask for those who might not have made the connection, I assume a Photons Interactor server is a great project for Raspberry Pi or another of the small inexpensive computing devises that start around $35+? Obviously, most any computer on your network that is always on can be a server, but having a dedicated homegrown appliance that you can backup on a memory chip is great use of cheap(er) silicon.

Yes, Photons Interactor does run on the Raspberry Pi and the official release of Photons Interactor has multi-arch support as well.

The delfick/photons-interactor:0.6.2 image now works on a raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

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I’ve edited my post and will edit my blog now too.

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