Aurora Borealis Replicator App?

I was wondering if there is any kind of app that would have something like an Aurora Borealis type sweeping color effect? I have seven Color 1000 BR30 bulbs in the same room and thought it could be a cool option. Is anyone aware of such a thing?


You could probably set this up using a color cycle effect slightly offset on each bulb using the light scheduler in the default app.

I use an app called “lightbow” it has lots of effects pertinent to what you’re looking for.

I have an iPhone 5s.

Lightbow has the largest collection of immersive audio+light animations available for in-app purchase, plus all the tools you need to create your own. We actually have two presets that likely have the effect you’re looking for.

Our “National Parks” collection started with our lighting designer taking a road trip across the American northwest, gathering colors and sounds for inspiration. We’re lucky to ever see the aurora in this country, but that just makes it more special.

Also, check out the “S P A C E” collection (one of our most popular) with a slightly different take on the aurora. (Screenshots attached below, so you can see what the app looks like on the iPad, but Lightbow also works on iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch)

Learn more at our website or our App Store page. Suggestions for new presets are always welcome. I’m actually going to Iceland next month, which will likely be the next country added to our “Around the World” collection, and depending on my experiences there, possibly a third interpretation of aurora borealis. It’s amazing how different that phenomenon can be depending on where you see it, and the people and places you experience it with.