Auto-Alljoyn Onboarding


Cool! Care to share a link to something that will describe how I might do this myself? Also may I suggest you invest in a tripod :grin:

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Fully agree I would love a step by step or copy of the program. This is exactly what I want. I would much rather use this then program 30 bulbs one at a time.

Ok, I will try to summarize the steps in a blog.
You have to recompile Alljoyn and make some changes Alljoyn-Onboarding Client Example code :slight_smile:

p.s: oh right, not only that.
I have recompiled wpa_cli (from wpa_supplicant) source code too and made it as a library so i could embed it into Alljoyn-Onboarding code. Maybe there is easier way with scripts, but i found scripts are not much reliable.

Just show me the way :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and energy you have put in this.

I have a fresh Linux box setup and ready to go. Testing bulbs as well.

@stephen.moss sorry for late response.
Here i list out overall steps you have to follow:

  1. start wpa_supplicant daemon and give one of your wlan interfaces as a argument. (check details of wpa_supplicant interface list)
  2. you have to modify the source code of wpa_cli, to make it periodically scan the wireless network around.
  3. When ssid name with “*_AJ” postfix was found you have to initiate connection to that AP.
  4. When the connection is done, you just run the OnboardingClient code with your home network AP credentials (you can hardcode them into code).
  5. One thing to notice, the original OnboardingClient code performs all commands sequentially. (GetStatus, SetConfig, Connect…). As I remember it also performs OffBoard command which you shouldn’t do. So just remove it from the OnboardingClient source.

I’m sorry, I can’t describe details with modifications, may be later I will make some blog and upload the codes. Now little bit busy with other things.

I’m not sure my way is the optimum and right solution or not.
You can start implementing by yourself, If you need help please ask me again.


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So I have already created a way for the linux box to auto connect to the wildcard network with the LIFX bulb. Where I need a little help is figuring out how to compile the OnboardingClient with my AP information. Any help you can give with that is awesome. I have been following the following website directions.