Automatic Insteon & LIFX Light Control when Watching a Movie with Plex

I have LIFX being controlled by my Plex media server now using PlexPy. Instructions are on my site if anyone is interested.


Hi there,

Im having some issues ruining your script, its listing the state of my lights, so I know thats working. But Im getting this when trying to run the curl though Bash.

“warnings”: [
“warning”: “Unknown params”,
“unknown_params”: {

My parameters are;

-d “all”
-d “brightness=.20”
-d “duration=5”

What am I doing wrong?

Great information Rich!

Do you think with PlexPy (now called tautulli), I can create an ambience light effect similar to kodi lifx ambilight add-on created by Harshit Sanghvi?

Ps: your wp website does not allow me to register, thus I post it here instead…