Bad Characters in light name?

I’ve noticed that if I have a light named Light.01, it is not reachable using the “label:” selector, and I get a 404 “error”: “Not found”. If I change the name to Light_01, it works fine.

Is this by design? What characters are not allowed?


Yup, I can replicate that behavior here. It looks like a bug to me, we certainly don’t try to restrict any characters. I’ll get a discussion going about it at LIFX and get back to you.

Okay at the moment we are still looking into this. It look like our API is trying to parse everything after the dot as the file extension.

I have two workarounds though:

  1. URL encode the . character by replacing it with %2e For example instead of label:Light.01 you can use label:Light%2e01
  2. Use the id of the light instead. We recommend that you use the id in your applications anyway as this makes it resilient to the label being changed. So for example instead of label:Light.01 use id:d073d501cf2c

Both those workarounds will continue to work so they are safe to use in your applications.

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Thanks. No big deal but I thought I’d check to see if I missed something.