Beam WiFi Broadcasting

I’m in the middle of a f*cking nightmare. When resetting lights, they show up on the list of available WiFi networks. How in the world do I know if they’re giving away the SSID and pass. I’m hacked and out of commission, lights and all using mobile data for this, I’m not sure it’s safe either. I’ve frozen my credit accounts and cancelled some. In the middle of making changes. I think I may have given my SSID away by using WPS. Computers are going out on vacation. Can’t use wifi. So do the lights give me away? Do you even know?

geeze, nothing like being ignored by the manufacturer. well here’s NEWS FLASH! your lights can be hacked into and the hacker can play with them. WAKEUP!!! Faster internet is susceptible to radio frequency hacking!!! SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE!!! malware planted by rf waves. NO company knows what to do. Faraday Material & Tape don’t help