Bedside lamp question

I was hoping to have a bedside lamp with a lifx bulb so that i could use it for alarms, alerts etc. I havent been able to find a stylish bedside lamp that has the bulb type to get a lifx bulb. I was thinking i may be better getting the lamp i want with a typical bulb and then get a lifx strip which i attach to the back of the bedside table. This way it would illuminate by bouncing light off the wall and would be hidden from view. Anyone else used the strips for that and are there any issues?

This what I found and it works great with the LIFX and is nice lamp as well…

See if it satisfies your needs.

Ikea has a few that are good.

Dont they use a different fitting to lifx bulbs?

No. In Aus they use the Edison screw type. Just make sure the size is correct. The white glass ball is what I use with my lifx bulbs.

The specs for this lamp say it is A15, not A19. Can you confirm it will work?

I have been looking at these for some accent lighting. Any other suggestion by people would be great.

I have a LIFX A19 bulb in it now and it works great… using IFTTT to turn it on/off with Echo Dot! …and strobe mode when someone is at the front door on my Nest camera. You’ll be pleased. Nice size and decorative.

he LIFX Mini has the same features as other expensive models, except that it’s nothing else. It can emit 16 million colors. All of it is perfect forbedbeside lamps.