Behaviour of 'Cycle' endpoint changed?

I’ve had an app running as the backend for some flic buttons for months which uses the Cycle method to make a single button click turns the lights on if they are off, and off if they are in any kind of ‘on’ state. Nothing has changed on my side and suddenly, this no longer works.

If I have the lights on some dim setting and make this call, instead of going to the off state, they go to the on state, and the brightness goes way up. I played with the ‘direction’ parameter but it made no difference.


    payload = {
                "states": [
                      "brightness": 0.8,
                      "color": "kelvin:3200"                          
                      "power": "off"

We’ve just pushed out a fix for an issue with the cycle endpoint. Please let us know if you continue to experience this issue.

Thanks Nick, I’ve tested it and cycle has returned to it’s previous behaviour.