Beta firmware (2.14) available for LIFX and LIFX+ lights

LIFX is close to releasing new firmware (2.14) to improve connectivity for the LIFX and LIFX+ lights.

For those who would like to try it out while it is in beta, the desktop firmware updaters are available here :



If you’d like to try it out, please let us know if you have any problems getting your lights updated, or if it has a positive or negative effect on the connectivity of your lights.

For those who don’t wish to try out the beta firmware, it is planned for public release in the next week or two.

We are currently testing equivalent firmware changes for our Color 1000, White 800 and LIFX Z products, you can expect another firmware update for those products soon.


Excellent. It would be amazing if you could fix the problems with LIFX Z as my experience has been a nightmare.

@markh - I updated 47 devices last night, 4 of which were LIFX-Z.

I had to run the update tool several times in order to get all the bulbs and in the end, I had to manually turn off / on the last two bulbs to get them to update. I used the macOS updater.

Today, I had a single bulb that I lost control over. I waited about 30 minutes after I noticed it was not working before I reset it (off/on) and it reconnected. I had another one that didn’t come on with the rest of a group, however, I sent an on command and it came on. No idea how long it was off for. I usually have 2-3 issues a week with my 4 LIFX Z strips so I can let you know quickly if they still have issues.

I have noticed today that the LAN reliability seems to be better, did you do something there?

Do you have any release notes for the update?

This 2.14 release includes more connectivity improvements in addition to what was in 2.13 and improved handling when the firmware update process gets aborted. It should see improved reliability on LAN and Cloud messaging.

This release doesn’t currently include updates for the LIFX Z, Color 1000 or White 800, there is an update for those products that will be released soon.

@whoismoses interested to hear what sort of reliability changes you see on your lights.

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The jury is still out on the LIFX Zs. No issues yet. I can say that so far LAN performance has been 100% versus 50/50 prior.

Unfortunately, my success didn’t last long. This morning around 8:09 AM EST every light in my house turned on and then I had 7 or 8 that I could not control. A few seem to have reconnected. I’m waiting a bit to see if the rest reconnect but it’s already been more than 15 minutes and they have not as of right now.

Update, they all seemed to have reconnected on their own.

I have seen the same issue when the router is set to auto channel select. Change the channel to 6 or 11 if you have not already.

For me the lights took a moment to change channels so appeared as offline for a bit and came back online of their own accord just like you saw. If only Auto select on channels remained on one channel after starting but they move as they see fit. well from my experience anyway.

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After reading your success stories, I decided to update the 69 lights I have currently connected.

When you run the updater and start seeing these messages:

could not verify firmware upgrade of LIGHT_ID, please turn the device off for 10 seconds, make sure you are connected to the network used by the device

You should be able to safely close the app and re-open. Like @whoismoses, I had to run this several times (7-10) to update all the lights.

My experience so far tonight has been great.

I’ve had a few bulbs not connecting to the cloud and sometimes going offline on LAN where and power-cycling nor resetting was correcting the issue for more than a few minutes. So far they’re working great!

I’ll make sure to update if I have any issues in the next few days!

After a few days, LAN performance has been greatly improved. I did have a couple bulbs not respond while my phone was on my wireless LAN when setting group level/color. However, once I switch to cellular they worked right away.

In regards to the Z you want 1.22 firmware for them, so far for me my original one which was replaced is on and off all the time, certainly faulty hardware so will be tossed at the end of this testing.
For the replacement unit, since the 1.22 firmware update it has been rock solid. Am very happy at this stage.

All of my Z’s are at 1.22 since 5 days ago. I’ve had 0 Z issues, but I’ve gone 5 days before with no issues. I’ll declare success after 2 weeks.

I have seen a few bulbs not turn on when using LAN protocol but much much much less than before. Before it was 50/50, now it is more like 95/5.

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So, given the updater is not discovering any of my bulbs, I’m guessing this update is not available for the original (Kickstarter) LIFX bulbs?

I was hoping this was going to provide a fix to their frustrating tendency to lose cloud connectivity every few weeks, requiring a power cycle to recover.

Interesting…IMMEDIATELY after posting my previous message, the updater just discovered my Kickstarter bulbs - but tells me " cannot be updated with this updater" for each one.

I had run the updater on my Mac, with seemingly nothing being discovered.
I ran it again…still nothing, left it running.

Downloaded the Windows version, ran it…nothing…

Posted my message on the board, above and BINGO! - the updater running on the Mac listed my bulbs.

Gotta love weird coincidences.

But why did it take the updater soooo long (over thirty minutes) to find my bulbs?

If I remember correctly, the updater only supports the 3rd gen LIFX bulbs. Are you saying it updated the 1st gen bulbs as well?

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I’ve had a great time with my lights since the update. I now have 74 lights hooked up, and they’re working significantly better. I haven’t had to power cycle any of my 3rd gen bulbs since the update.

I’ve had 2 instances so far where I’m at home, and some aren’t turning off from the app the first time, but the second time they’re off no problem. They seem to always turn on when I want. No more stuck-bulbs!

A lot of times in the app I can’t access the bulbs from the cloud, but if I ask Alexa, it works fine. I’ve had a few instances where she’s not able to catch all the lights when turning off, but it only happened a few times this week.

When clicking Flic buttons paired with a Raspberry Pi and toggling the lights through the node-lifx package, I don’t have the issue of some lights not coming on anymore.

Overall, my experience has been positive.

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No updates for ages for 1st gen.

I ran the updater again tonight to see if I’d missed any bulbs, and it looks like all of them updated again. Strangely, I’m still seeing 2.14 as the firmware version.

Do you have an estimated time frame for the firmware update to the gen 2 and lifx-z lights? With firmware 2.14 on my gen 3 bulbs, I can control them from the Android app without having the bulbs reboot. All my gen 2 bulbs will just reboot over an over as long as I have the Android app open. Once I close it, I can control the gen 2 bulbs via the LAN, but still see the bulbs reboot every so often (flashing red led).

Also looking for the 1.22 firmware for the LIFX Z. Currently on 1.21 and experiencing a non recoverable network dropout from any one of four strips about once every three or four days. You guys still confident 1.22 helps here and any idea how I can get it please ? Thx.