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Beta Firmware Update v3.60 Release

We have just released a new Firmware (v3.60) to public Beta. This release will be available for the Generation 4 LIFX Mini Color, Mini Day & Dusk, Mini White and GU10 products.

The update will be gradually released to users, please allow time for the update to appear in the LIFX app.

Features include:

  • HomeKit reliability improvement
  • Improved Samsung SmartThings/Google Home support
  • Improved transition of hue color values
  • Fix for CVE-2019-17209

Important: DO NOT turn off power to the light during the update (usually 15-45 secs). Doing so may render the light unusable.

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How do we identify what generation globe we have?

I assume I have a gen4 as I purchased it towards the middle of last year but no update has come through.

Easiest way to tell is by the firmware version. If the major version is ‘2’ then it’s Gen 3 light, i.e. 2.77. Gen 4 the firmware version starts with ‘3’, hence 3.60. We are working on updates for Gen 3 lights, just haven’t completed testing and certification yet.