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Better support for Windows 10 devices?

One of the reasons I chose LIFX was because of its excellent support for Cortana and - at the time - Windows Phone. I since switched To iOS for mobile, but I still use a Windows 10 PC and Xbox (and I actually still have a Windows 10 Mobile device or two). While there is a LIFX app available for Windows 10, It’s pretty outdated, to the point that it only supports the most basic features. Is it not possible for someone at LIFX to update the Windows app to bring it on-par with current iOS/Android functionality? Doesn’t seem like a huge ask. It’d also be nice to target the Xbox One platform with an official LIFX app at the same time. Since they both technically use the same code base, that would seem like a no-brainer. Better yet, make it a PWA or a web-based management tool.

Watching the Razer/LIFX video got me thinking…what if there was a special integration between Xbox One and LIFX that could control a light/group based on the content on your TV? For instance, I have a LIFX Z strip behind my TV, and it would be amazing to have the colors sync with whatever I was viewing on the Xbox One.