BR+30 Not Giving Homekit Number

So, I setup 3 BR+30’s with no problem. First go into wifi on my iPhone and link to the light wifi, it connects to my home network and then miracle of miracles it goes into the LIFX app and starts the setup there. It goes to the screen giving me the Homekit number for the light that i then enter manually in the next screen on my iPhone and all is good for the first 3 lights of this process.

I get to number 4 and in process of trying to connect to my wifi it errors out. I go to see if it is still in the wifi list on my iPhone to see if I still need to connect it to my home network. It is not there, so I go to the LIFX app and click the + link and it goes to the next page and I see the bulb listed there. I select it and it goes to the page beyond where it says you are now ready to connect to Homekit. Go to next page and either enter manually or camera scan it. Well the app never gave me the Homekit number in the first place for this thing, so now I am unable to continue setup so I cancel out. I then do the hard reset on the bulb and run the the whole thing again with no luck.

At this point I am ready to drop a brick on bulb 4. I have done probably more than 10 hard resets trying to get the process to go smoothly like it did the for the first three bulbs but to no luck. It never goes to that first screen in the app that gives you the Homekit number for the bulb that you have to remember so you can input it manually. It always starts on the page beyond assuming you already have the number.

I went thru all the troubleshooting tips that i could find anywhere listed on LIFX and none of them are working. At this point, I am sending out an SOS for any expert insight on something I may not have tried. HELP!