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BR30 Bulbs “Blinking” off, repeatedly after update

I currently have 95 LIFX bulbs installed in my home. A few weeks ago, I noticed that there was a firmware update available for my BR30 bulbs. Ever since I applied the update, my BR30 bulbs intermittently flicker/blink off & back on. This happens throughout my home. Some bulbs exhibit this issue on a frequent basis (every 1-3 minutes) while others exhibit the problem on a far less frequent basis. I have tried to time the period between “Blinks” but there is no consistency. With the most troublesome bulb, I’ve seen a repeat of the issue in as few as 30 seconds, between Blinks, while I also observed periods of over 5 minutes between these issues. (I have verified that all bulbs are securely screwed into their sockets) This is obviously extremely annoying.

This problem did not exist, prior to the firmware update (app indicates current firmware as 2.0), and I began to notice the issue, The same day that the update was applied. One item of note is that when I initially attempted to install the firmware update, it repeatedly failed. (For each bulb, the app indicated that the bulb was downloading the update, then waited an unusually long time, reporting that it was waiting for the bulb to restart, & finally indicating that the bulb failed to update. ). Following a support post, located via search, I deleted and reinstalled the app, after which all of the bulbs reported a successful firmware update. I do not know if this situation contributed to my current problem, but figure that complete details regarding the update, are best.

Given the small fortune that I have invested in these Bulbs, I am desperate to find a fix. The blinking lights are driving me nuts.

Additional information, related to my LIFX bulb environment; WiFi network is an eero Mesh (Mix of eero Pro, Pro-6 units). DNS addressing on the mesh is bridged, with actual IP/NAT control performed via an Ubiquiti EdgeMax Pro Router. The Home network is configured with a /22 Subnet, to accommodate the large number of local network devices. Most of the bulbs have been assigned Static IP addresses in my Router’s configuration. (Some newer bulbs have not been added to the IP addressing table) The loads for the LIFX bulbs are switched via Brilliant Tech controls, along with several connected Brilliant Tech Dimmer/switch units.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Holy cow! Indeed, that is a lot of bulbs, Bob!