BR30 Bulbs “Blinking” off, repeatedly after update

I currently have 95 LIFX bulbs installed in my home. A few weeks ago, I noticed that there was a firmware update available for my BR30 bulbs. Ever since I applied the update, my BR30 bulbs intermittently flicker/blink off & back on. This happens throughout my home. Some bulbs exhibit this issue on a frequent basis (every 1-3 minutes) while others exhibit the problem on a far less frequent basis. I have tried to time the period between “Blinks” but there is no consistency. With the most troublesome bulb, I’ve seen a repeat of the issue in as few as 30 seconds, between Blinks, while I also observed periods of over 5 minutes between these issues. (I have verified that all bulbs are securely screwed into their sockets) This is obviously extremely annoying.

This problem did not exist, prior to the firmware update (app indicates current firmware as 2.0), and I began to notice the issue, The same day that the update was applied. One item of note is that when I initially attempted to install the firmware update, it repeatedly failed. (For each bulb, the app indicated that the bulb was downloading the update, then waited an unusually long time, reporting that it was waiting for the bulb to restart, & finally indicating that the bulb failed to update. ). Following a support post, located via search, I deleted and reinstalled the app, after which all of the bulbs reported a successful firmware update. I do not know if this situation contributed to my current problem, but figure that complete details regarding the update, are best.

Given the small fortune that I have invested in these Bulbs, I am desperate to find a fix. The blinking lights are driving me nuts.

Additional information, related to my LIFX bulb environment; WiFi network is an eero Mesh (Mix of eero Pro, Pro-6 units). DNS addressing on the mesh is bridged, with actual IP/NAT control performed via an Ubiquiti EdgeMax Pro Router. The Home network is configured with a /22 Subnet, to accommodate the large number of local network devices. Most of the bulbs have been assigned Static IP addresses in my Router’s configuration. (Some newer bulbs have not been added to the IP addressing table) The loads for the LIFX bulbs are switched via Brilliant Tech controls, along with several connected Brilliant Tech Dimmer/switch units.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Holy cow! Indeed, that is a lot of bulbs, Bob!


I’ve noticed similar behavior with some of my lights as well. I haven’t yet noticed if it is certain lights or all of them. One will flash OFF for a split second (and I haven’t noticed if it’s the same one or not). I noticed this about a month ago (of course, I’m not home all that often). I have over 70 LIFX lights connected to an Eero mesh also.

I have the very same issue. I have about 30 A60 bulbs and 6 z-strips. I have them all connected to home assistant and have the flickering off / on randomly every now again, happening with the z-strips only. It never happens with the A60 bulbs. When home assistant isn’t switched on, the flickering doesn’t happen. I logged it as an issue against the lifx integration for home assistant at the link below but I have a feeling its something t;o do with the lifx api.

All I can do is theorize its something to do with the bulbs receiving a lot of repeated requests for status over a period of time and after so many requests, it causes some bulbs or strips to switch off / on. But we would need to some how validate that theory. Have you guys got something like home assistant polling the bulbs/api quite often also? Does anyone know a way to narrow down the problem if this is the case, if we purposely hammer / call the api to request a bulbs status, can we reproduce it that way?

This is happening with a lot of my BR30s and one of my A19s. It’s totally random. I noticed that every time this “blinking” happens, it would drop off the network — HOWEVER, whenever the Wi-Fi is intentionally turned off or if I force-reconnect the device, it would not blink. Therefore, it’s an internal issue that needs to be resolved on its own.

The weirdest thing is that not all of my lights exhibit this issue. All of them are on V3.7.0. In my bathroom, for example, I have three BR30s. Two have worse signals (one even much worse) than this one problematic BR30 (which has an excellent signal). Today I tried doing a reset on this problematic BR30, but it’s still blinking randomly.

I know this is a long running thread, but I don’t see any mention of connection issues. Every time I work on my network mostly updating firmware, a lot, when the APs are offline the bulbs that are on blink randomly. When the WLAN is restored and they can talk to the “Mothership”, they stop blinking. The issue is that they lost their WLAN Connection and are letting you know that they miss talking to Mom.

This behavior for me has become a notification that the WLAN or part of it is down. This last weekend I was given a new Beta FW to try out and it caused the APs to drop. But all of my bulbs, a generous mixture of the LIFX inventory, jumped on to the base station no matter where they were located and with a better signal than with a closer connection. So that tells me that under certain conditions they will find another way to connect if forced to. Now that all APs are up, I haven’t seen the movement to closer connections I would expect. But no blinking and they are responding to routines and independent control.

I would surmise that the update comprised connections and reduced connectivity. Which I have seen a couple of times. Or caused them to loose their way. I have a couple new bulbs that are not falling in line with their groups. But in time will.

If that is the case, I have tried restarting my router or APs, and never did they blink once during the disconnect.

By the way, I have lights from the same batch and firmware version, but only those paired to HomeKit exhibit this issue.

It’s almost certainly the bulbs rebooting themselves because when it happens to me, I can see the DHCP request start up right afterwards.

I suspect that networks with lots of devices all advertising via mDNS causes a buffer to fill and crash the networking stack, which then causes a reboot cycle triggered by the watchdog.

I am still waiting for enough time to break down my network to split the LIFX bulbs into their own quiet subnet to see if my hypothesis has any validity but with everyone working from home, it’s been impossible.

HomeKit definitely has something to do with it. I just removed 7 of my lights that are most frequently used and are exhibiting this issue from HomeKit.

Guess what — the problems are gone.

Note that I have more lights with older/different batches which are frequently used and are connected to HomeKit, but do not exhibit the blinking/reboot problems.

That’s what I have done was move all that type of gear to it’s own subnet, with each area or room having its own IP Address Range. With each device having its own IPA assigned to it.

But when the WLAN is down the lights start blinking “freaking out that they lost their connection to ‘Mom’.” When restored I too start seeing DHCP requests in the form of trying to get connected to the IPA assigned to them. But nothing related to the general congestion one would expect with a large number of devices trying to get on. Since every device has its own IPA it’s not a problem of things trying to get an IPA, then on the WLAN. But more so of waiting in line to get in its “slot”. Also the more capable the processor the lesser the problem.

It’s the nature of the beast. I’m waiting for the delivery of a ToL Mesh WiFi6e system to investigate this very issue to try to find out where these issues are based and how wide spread with what affects due to a multitude of variables. It’s not only LIFX products showing this behavior. But not as overtly as these light bulbs are being as “spoiled” as they are. Which in their design could be anything from just trying to make the product as efficient and reliable as possible. Or just SW/FW that lacks the sophistication to “be an adult”.

I have a a large variation of releases. And the axiom of “they just can’t leave well enough alone” or “create more or new problems with bug fixes and feature enrichments”.

I’m just now deep diving into “HomeKit” to isolate general operational issues to the device or the control system. But personally, I hope HK is as solid as it’s being touted to be. Because I’d like to use it for my personal systems control. But did run into the “what they don’t tell you” from reviews I have seen.

It’ll be very very interesting to see what happens when “Matter” is rolled out? And how much of this goes away or gets worse . . .

I have an A60 and mine started some time back not sure if its linked to an update but mine would do it around once a week or not at all but last night in did it about 10 times. Also last night the app kept struggling to find them as well even though the bulbs are always on. I also have LED Strips in my office but I’m very rarely in there at night so not sure if they are affected as well. One thing also the same as you #bwulfe is I have an eero Pro 6 and my issues started once this was fitted!

I’ll be honest with you and say I thought/think LIFX had/has been hacked!?!?

Any ideas LIFX?