Bug in the lastest iOS app/Z firmware?

I’ve sent an email to support about this, but I just wanted to check if someone can confirm it’s happening for others as well.

There appears to be a bug in the latest LIFX iOS app release and/or the latest LIFX Z firmware. The version string(s) from the app are: 3.9.0 (739/bf7519d) (v2.76) (v3.41-RC4).

Every time I tap the Move effect’s “Reset to LIFX details” it resets the Animation Speed to 0.100s.

If the effect is active, it stops. If it’s not active, it’ll change the animation speed to 3.00s but as soon as I activate the effect it jumps back to 0.100s.

Here’s a video of the bug: https://omg.dje.li/images/LIFX-Move-Effect-Bug.mp4

Can come check their own app/Z strip to see if it’s just me? :slight_smile:

This has been reproduced by LIFX support, so I guess it’s not just me after all.